Lothian Buses is an established part of Edinburgh life. Our company has been serving the city and its communities since 1919. 

​​Our name may have changed over the years, but our community focus is the same as ever. Lothian Buses has served Edinburgh city centre for more than 90 years. In recent times, we’ve added routes to serve communities further out. Together our buses transport millions of local people and visitors around Edinburgh each year. 

We help Edinburgh’s communities in more ways than one.

Lothian Buses is a major local employer and supporter of local and national charities. We also run a range of projects through our Community Engagement strategy. These aim to inform, educate and provide new experiences to people from all walks of life.

A particular focus is on young people. Our volunteer team works in schools, from our depots and at local events to break down barriers to using public transport. Other projects focus on helping school leavers and those seeking employment to better understand their options – and how to develop the skills to reach their potential. 

Listening to young people and learning about their needs also helps us to improve our services and make bus travel more appealing.