Accessible buses

We want to make travel on our buses easier for everyone, including passengers with disabilities and those travelling with young children. 

Since 2000, we have introduced easy access buses across our network and are now happy to announce that all our buses are easy access.

This means our buses feature:

  • Low entrances that can “kneel” to kerb height to give step free access where possible
  • Retractable boarding ramp for wheelchair access
  • Completely flat areas on the lower deck (no internal steps to worry about)
  • High visibility handrails
  • A dedicated wheelchair space

Our drivers are also specially trained to help you enjoy the full benefit of our buses.

Wheelchair Users

After boarding one of our buses please ensure you:

  • Park the wheelchair in the dedicated space with the back of the wheelchair facing the front of the bus.
  • Apply the brake.
  • The driver will wait until this is done before moving the bus.
  • When you are ready to leave the bus, ring the bell so that the driver knows you wish to leave at the next bus stop then wait until the bus has reached a complete stop before alighting.

Other Users

If there is no wheelchair user on the bus, other passengers or one unfolded buggy may occupy the wheelchair space. Please note that wheelchair users have priority over everyone else for use of the wheelchair space, since this is the only space in which they can travel safely.  Whenever the space is required by a wheelchair user, other passengers must move to make it available, and any buggies must be folded and stored safely elsewhere. Any buggy user who chooses to get off the bus so that a wheelchair user can travel will be issued with a receipt so that they can continue their journey free of charge on another bus.

Some of our newest and recently refurbished buses have the handy addition of a specific BUGGY SPACE (as well as a wheelchair space).  More than 50% of journeys are now on buses with a specific buggy space.

For everyone’s comfort and safety, only buggies including pushchairs and travel systems which will not obstruct the aisle may be brought onto our buses unfolded. If in doubt, the driver will tell you if you are unable to travel safely on our buses. Please note that mobility scooters are NOT permitted on our buses.

Check our Policy Document section for Accessibility FAQs and our Accessibility review.

For those who need that extra help to make their journey, the SEStran Thistle Assistance Card is available to help anyone who has difficulty in using public transport because of age, disability or illness.  It’s free and is available at all our Travelshops and Park & Ride sites as well as a range of outlets across South East Scotland, including; local authorities, bus operators, GP surgeries and Health Centres.

For more information see our  Conditions of Carriage leaflet.

* Please note that sometimes these services may use some buses not currently fitted with a buggy space.