Meet Buster

Buster is the new baby of the Lothian Buses family.  He loves to travel around the city, meet passengers and see the sights of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Buster says it's always best to be safe when there is traffic around:

  • Always choose a safe place to cross.
  • Use a pedestrian crossing or lollipop man/lady if they are there.
  • Never cross a road between parked cars; drivers won't be able to see you and cars might start moving.
  • Always look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing.
  • When it's safe to cross, walk straight across the road and keep looking and listening out for traffic.
  • Don’t run.
  • Always cross with an adult when possible.

Spot the difference - see if you can find the differences between the two pictures of Buster below: