Lothian Buses invests heavily in new vehicles, technology and partnerships to bring you an environmentally friendly service.  

Our sustainable approach to travel - will transport us to a better place - a cleaner Edinburgh in a less polluted world. Lothian Buses is committed to providing a sustainable transport service that will make a world of difference to the planet and people of Edinburgh.

We acknowledge that our business activities influence the local environment so we continually work hard to reduce our impact. 

Our fleet

For many years, Lothian has invested heavily in the fleet by introducing new technologies to reduce the impact to the environment.  We operate one of the youngest and greenest fleets in the UK.

In 2011, we were the first Scottish operator to introduce deck diesel-electric hybrid buses to the roads of Edinburgh with support from the Scottish Green Bus Fund. This began an ongoing journey to purchase buses with the latest emission technology. Since then we have introduced a further 70 hybrid buses to the original 15 six years ago bringing our total hybrid fleet to 85 buses.

The hybrid fleet is made up of 15 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 double deck buses, 50 Volvo 7900H single deck buses and 20 Volvo B5LH double deck buses. We have also achieved four stars on the ECOSTARS Edinburgh rating scheme which assesses commercial fleets on emissions and fuel efficiency.

We also have a growing fleet of Euro 6 low emission buses. At the end of 2016, we introduced 25 of these buses to our service 22 and a further 30 to the service 26 in July 2017. These buses emit ten times less harmful emissions per passenger than a diesel car, reduce NOx emissions by 98% and help to improve air quality in Edinburgh.

Lothian took our first steps towards an electric future with the delivery of 6 fully electric buses for Edinburgh in September 2017. The buses were launched on Service 1, which operates from Easter Road to Clermiston. With a full 75kW charge which takes 3-4 hours, the buses are able to operate for up to 130 miles on a pure electric powertrain which includes heating and cooling. Regenerative braking allows the energy created when the bus brakes to be recovered back into the batteries, extending the range. The investment in zero emission technology reflects our commitment to providing a sustainable transport service by reducing emissions and improving air quality in our operational environment.

Our buses are:

What we’re doing internally

We have been working hard to reduce our environment impact internally.

Key areas include:

  • Waste - reducing our waste, minimising pollution from landfilling and recycling as much as possible
  • Water - minimising our use of water by operating bus wash recycling and upgrading office facilities
  • Energy - carbon savings from energy efficiency and switching off electrical items
  • Travel - staff actively commuting to work by bus, walking or cycling

Why are we doing this?

As a socially responsible business we are committed to reducing the environmental impact from our activities whilst providing a service which continuously meets our customers’ expectations and protects the local environment.

Did you know?

Read our environmental policy

Our awards

  • VIBES Awards 2016 - Transport Award winner
  • Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Awards 2016 - Sustainable Development
  • Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Awards 2014 - Sustainable Development
  • Scottish Green Apple Awards 2013 - National Sustainability Champion
  • Scottish Transport Awards 2013 - Contribution to Sustainable Transport winner
  • UK Green Apple Awards 2013 - Transport Gold Award
  • UK National Transport Awards 2013 - Contribution to Sustainable Transport winner
  • UK Bus Awards 2013 - Environment Award winner
  • VIBES Awards 2012 - Transport Award winner
  • Scottish Green Awards 2012 - Best Green Large Company winner
  • Green Tourism Business Scheme 2011 – Gold standard
  • Scottish Green List 2010 - Top 20