Current environmental projects

We’re working hard to become more environmentally friendly across the board, by converting older buses and recycling all we can.

​SCRT exhausts

Older buses in our fleet tend to have poorer performance on air quality. But it would be wasteful to replace these vehicles early. Instead we’ve begun to convert older models to meet current emissions standards.

By the end of 2011, 44 of our buses had been fitted with an Eminox SCRT® exhaust system. This innovation combines selective catalytic reduction and a continuously regenerating trap. 

Every bus that can accommodate the system has now been converted, at a total cost of more than £650,000. The Scottish Government and the City of Edinburgh Council have both invested in our project.

As our SCRT® buses cover more than 1.25 million miles each year the savings in NOx and PM10 emissions are considerable.

  • 70% reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx), the air pollutants of most concern in Edinburgh
  • 95% reduction in particulate matter (PM10)
  • 99% reduction in other air pollutants, including hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.


We now recycle all waste that can be recycled, which saves 600 to 650 tonnes of waste from going to landfill annually.

Paper dominates our waste stream. But our waste contractor also sorts and recycles glass, metals, wood and packaging we can no longer use.