How green is my bus?

Good question. We run many different models of bus, including some state-of-the-art diesel hybrids.

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You can find out how green your bus is by emailing the fleet number of your bus to

How to find your buses fleet number:

You can find it just behind the front doors.

And above the driver's left internal mirror.

What do the figures mean?

Euro emissions standards: These set out the maximum levels of key air pollutants that can be emitted by vehicle exhausts. Euro emissions categories run from Euro I to Euro V. The higher the category number, the lower the permitted emissions. All brand new buses must be Euro VI standard or above. 

The breakdown of our main fleet by Euro emissions category is:

  • Pre-Euro III: 0%
  • Euro III: 36%
  • Euro IV: 9%
  • Euro V: 29%
  • Euro VI: 10%
  • EEV*: 16%
  • Data correct as of 29 March 2015

* EEV stands for Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle, an even stricter standard than Euro V. ECOSTARS rating

Lothian Buses has been awarded four stars by ECOSTARS Edinburgh. Operated by the City of Edinburgh Council, the scheme assesses commercial fleets on emissions and fuel efficiency (which affects carbon footprint). Lothian Buses was one of the first members of the scheme.

For details of the star ratings awarded our individual vehicles, se

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