Lothian supports Earth Hour 2018

We're turning out the lights are you?

Lothian is delighted to be supporting WWF this year.

On Saturday, 24 March we will be taking part in Earth Hour by switching off the lights in our Waverley Bridge Travelshop from 2030 - 2130.

We are joining WWF this month to ask you, our passengers to do the same.  Information on how to take part and the difference this can make to endangered species can be found on our fleet of electric buses, which operate on our service 1 route and at bus stops across the city.

As part of our Environmental Strategy, Lothian is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. As part of this strategy we are continuing to fit LED lighting technology across our garages and we have fully fitted out our Waverley Bridge Travelshop with low energy lighting.

We will ensure all non-essential lighting is switched off during Earth Hour as part of our ‘Switch Off, Save Energy’ initiative which raises awareness of switching off lights and equipment when not in use.

Since 2007, WWF’s Earth Hour’s unique display of darkness has become a global phenomenon. This year, as iconic landmarks, organisations and businesses switch off in solidarity, the spotlight turns to the 1 in 6 species at risk of extinction from climate change. As recent media such as BBC’s Blue Planet raises public awareness about the plight of species suffering from rapidly changing climates, for Earth Hour 2018 WWF is asking people to make a promise for their planet to live more sustainably.

Everyone can join the celebration for WWF’s Earth Hour on Saturday 24 March at 8.30pm. For more information and to sign up please visit wwfscotland.org.uk/earthhour

Posted on: Sat, March 10, 2018 at 10:54
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