Catch the Bus Week

Your opportunity to Tweet our Directors

Catch the Bus Week is a national celebration of the benefits of taking the bus

We want to encourage people who don’t normally take the bus to give it a try. It can make the world of difference to your health, your pocket, the environment and our City.

Did you know that:

  • An average double-decker bus in our fleet can take 75 cars off the road, helping to cut pollution on Edinburgh’s roads
  • Our low emission buses reduce road emissions by up to 95%
  • 5% of CO2 is produced by buses compared to 60% from passenger cars
  • 120 million passenger journeys were carried out in 2016, cutting emissions in our capital
  • Our buses have free wi-fi on board so you can make the most of your journey times.
  • We carried passengers over 27 million miles last year
  • If everyone in the UK switched from the car to the bus once a month, this could result in a reduction of 2m tonnes of CO2
  • Bus commuters walk up to 11 marathons a year
  • Our fares are amongst the best value for money in the country.

This year, Lothian are getting involved by giving you the chance to speak to our Directors on twitter.

Each of them will take a turn to answer your questions over a lunchtime during the week.

Follow our feed to see who will be making the guest spot that day.  It could be our Managing Director, Commercial Director, Engineering Director, Operations Director or Communications Director.

Posted on: Mon, July 03, 2017 at 8:09
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