Gold Medal for Lothian Buses

Recognition from The Times newspaper for our customer service

We were delighted to receive The Times Money Gold Medal this weekend for excellent customer service.

The Gold Medal column gives readers the chance to commend companies that have treated them well.

This weeks published commendation came from Robert Adams of Norfolk who left his suitcase on one of our buses on a recent trip to Edinburgh.

Robert said:

I called Lothian Buses’ customer services number and a wonderful lady called Maureen Craig swung into action. She asked me for the bus number shown on my ticket and contacted the radio control centre. Maureen also rang one of Lothian’s support team, who work on the streets of Edinburgh and quickly respond to issues on its vehicles.

Thanks to Maureen's quick actions, Robert managed to get his case back within an hour before his train left the City.

Read the full column.

Posted on: Mon, March 13, 2017 at 11:21
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