The UKs first ovarian cancer awareness bus is launched as part of the Lothian fleet

We're supporting Target Ovarian Cancer

Awareness of ovarian cancer in Scotland is extremely low with just one in five women being able to name the main symptoms.

We're hoping to play a part in changing this thanks to a new partnership with Target Ovarian Cancer, to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Over the last five years, our employee Colin Barclay has dedicated his time to promoting this cause and now, thanks to him and his colleagues, the signs and symptoms that women should be aware of for early detection of this cancer can be seen on the rear and sides of one of our buses -  a first in the UK.

The bus will highlight the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer: a bloated tummy, always feeling full, tummy pain, and needing to go to the toilet more, together with Target Ovarian Cancer’s contact details for support and advice and a tribute to Colin's wife Jill.

Colin, sadly lost his wife Jill to ovarian cancer in January 2017.  Colin and Jill were avid campaigners of the cause, holding regualr awareness events and handing out leaflets with the symptoms of ovarian cancer at key locations across the City. Colin, who has worked at Lothian for over 40 years, is a well-known and well-liked member of the Lothian team. He was recently voted Lothian’s Unsung Hero at the our People Awards by his colleagues. Part of his award was this bus to help him with his campaigning to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer symptoms.

The bus, which Colin helped design, was unveiled to him and his family today, 11 April 2018.

Colin Barclay, said

Target Ovarian Cancer is helping woman across the UK get an early diagnosis, which can be life changing for many. My family and I am overwhelmed by the support of my colleagues at Lothian. My wife Jill and I spent years campaigning to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and I hope the adverts on this bus will highlight the symptoms and save lives.

Jim Armstrong, Lothian’s Engineering Director said:

Colin has worked with us here at Lothian for over forty years and is a dedicated member of the Engineering team, following a staff vote Colin was chosen as our Unsung Hero at our annual People Awards.  He has worked tirelessly to raise ongoing awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and his strength, determination and loyalty is much admired through the whole business.  We are honoured to be able to help Colin and his family pay tribute to his late wife Jill’s memory and we very much hope that “Jill’s bus” will help promote the fantastic work that Target Ovarian Cancer does.

Annwen Jones, Chief Executive of Target Ovarian Cancer, said:

Awareness of ovarian cancer is low, both among women and GPs, with two thirds of women diagnosed once the cancer has already spread. Enough is enough. It’s time to TAKE OVAR. Together with Lothian, we can make sure women are diagnosed at the earliest possible stage. I am delighted to have their support. Jill Barclay worked tirelessly, in spite of ill health, to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer. I am so grateful to Colin and his family for all they are doing in honour of Jill.

Posted on: Tue, April 10, 2018 at 3:42
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