We are electric!

More electric ancillary vehicles being added to our fleet

We have recently taken delivery of two new brand Nissan eNV-200 fully electric vans to join the electric vehicle that we trialled last year. 

The vehicles, which will be used by various departments accross the business, are supported by Transport Scotland’s ‘Switched On Fleets’ programme and reinforce our ongoing commitment to minimise the environmetnal impact of our operations and support air quality improvements in the city centre.

The electric van is a great environmental option for our city centre operations, bringing CO2 down to zero at the point of use and will remove 2 tonnes of CO2 from our carbon footprint and eliminate other tailpipe emission such as NOx and particulates.

Emma Roy, Environmental Officer says:

We are delighted to add another two full electric vans to our ancillary fleet. These vehicles support our continuing commitment to reducing our impact on the local environment.

Posted on: Thu, June 01, 2017 at 7:00
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