White socks and other Lothian misconceptions

Truths and myths about our company

There are lots of misconceptions we hear every day about our company, our staff and what we do.

So, we thought, since it was Christmas we would put together this little list for you to keep you in the know.....

1. We are responsible for bus stops in Edinburgh
Airlines don’t own airports, train companies don’t own train stations and Lothian Buses don’t own bus stops and shelters - we just pick you up and take you to them.  Stops are the property of the City of Edinburgh Council, any problems you spot, please let them know.

2. Our company name is LRT. 
We get called lots of names, not all of them are complimentary but just so you know... In 1975 Edinburgh Corporation Transport was renamed Lothian Region Transport. In 2000 LRT became Lothian Buses and this year, we became Lothian encompassing the Airlink and Sylink services.

3. Buses don't get stuck in traffic
If there is extra traffic on the roads and everyone is stuck, our buses will be too.  As a company, we do all we can to keep everyone informed and on the move. Our website and twitter feed are updated with any problems on the road in real time by our control room and our customers services and social teams are on hand to answer your questions Monday to Friday and during large events. We also put on extra buses where we can but unfortunately, we can't fly!  Get the latest travel information from our app, twitter feed and website.

4. Bus trackers belong to Lothian Buses
As with bus stops we provide the information for bus tracker signs at stops but we don't maintain them.  They are also the property of City of Edinburgh Council.

5. Bus drivers aren't human. 
Bus drivers are just like you and me.  They need to to eat, go to the toilet and sleep. They have good days and not so good days.  Take off your headphones when you get on the bus, give them a smile, and say hello it may just brighten up their day... and yours.

6. Buses sit at bus stops just to make you late. 
All our services have to keep to a timetable – if they stop for a few minutes at a bus stop, another customer further down the route won’t miss the bus.

7. If you leave something on the bus, you'll never see it again.
Hundreds of items are left behind on our buses every week.  Around 80% of these are picked up from our lost property office in Hanover Street and any items that are not claimed after four weeks are donated to Cancer Research UK. You should see some of the things that are left behind!

8. Wifi on our buses doesn't work
Our busiest week this year saw over 55,000 people surf the web, email, tweet and stream videos on our buses.

9. Travelling by bus is harmful for the environment
Quite to the contrary. Our buses help to improve the air quality in Edinburgh, our Euro 6 buses reduce emissions by up to 99%. Euro 6 buses emit up to ten times less emissions than a diesel car.

10. All bus drivers wear white socks
The truth is most of the drivers we see around our garages don't!

Posted on: Wed, December 27, 2017 at 8:11
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