Moredunvale Road from Monday 8 January

To allow flood defence works to be carried out Moredunvale Road will be closed to buses from Monday 8 January for 21 weeks.


Streets shown in bold below have an alternative bus stop for diverted services, please refer to the map below for details of the diversion route and alternative bus stops.

Service 8 southbound journeys between Craigmillar Park and Royal Infirmary will be unable to serve Gilmerton Road or Moredunvale Road. These buses will instead operate via Lady Road and Old Dalkeith Road.

Service 8 northbound journeys between Royal Infirmary and Moredun Park Road will be unable to serve bus stops on Old Dalkieth Road, Moredunvale Road, Craigour Drive or Craigour Avenue. These buses will instead operate via Old Dalkeith Road, Ferniehill Road and Moredun Park Road.

Service 18 between Newtoft Street and Royal Infirmary will be diverted via Ferniehill Drive, Ferniehille Road and Old Dalkeith Road.


Passengers who are travelling to Moredun may take service 8 to the Royal Infirmary and remain on the bus for the return journey via Moredun Park Road.

Detail of diversion

Detail of diversion

Posted on: Fri, January 05, 2018 at 2:54
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