Simple, convenient, transferable.

citysmart is the convenient, top-up ticket for bus and tram single journeys.

Available to buy online or from any of our Travelshops, the citysmart card gives you the freedom to top-up as you go. You can top-up on any of our buses - just present your citysmart card to top-up by five journeys for £8.50, or visit one of our Travelshops to top-up by 10, 20 or 50 journeys at one time.

Buy online


Just hold your citysmart card against the ticket machine on bus or smartcard validator at a tram stop, and a journey will be deducted from your balance.


No need to search for change or queue at a ticket vending machine – just keep the citysmart card on you for quick access to adult single journey tickets.


Share a citysmart card with whoever you want - friends, family or colleagues.

How to travel with citysmart

On bus: Hold your citysmart card against the card reader on the ticket machine and ask the driver to deduct a journey.  A ticket will be printed which you should keep for your journey/during your journey.

At a tram stop: Hold your citysmart card against one of the smartcard validator machines on the tram stop platform. When a green tick appears on the screen it shows a journey has been successfully deducted. 

Where you can travel with citysmart

Bus: citysmart journeys can be used on all Lothian Buses day services, except Airlink 100, Skylink 200 & 300 (to/from Edinburgh Airport),  and outside zones A & B on East Coast Buses.

Tram: citysmart journeys can be used for travel on Edinburgh Trams to or from all stops except Edinburgh Airport.

Topping up your citysmart card

Your citysmart card can be loaded with up to 50 adult single journeys, and can be topped up at a Travelshop or on bus.

Topping up automatically resets the expiry date for all unexpired journeys on the card.

Travelshop and Park & Ride: Purchase 5 (£8.50), 10 (£17), 20 (£34) or 50 (£85) journeys for your citysmart card at any of our Travelshops or Park & Ride kiosks – our staff are happy to help with any enquiries you may have.

On Bus: Top-ups of 5 journeys (£8.50) are available - ask the driver to add them to your citysmart card, and place your money in the fares box.

Journeys on citysmart are valid for one hundred and eighty days from the date of purchase or top-up, after which they will automatically expire. Topping up a card resets the expiry date of all unexpired journeys on the card to one hundred and eighty days.

Full citysmart terms and conditions can be found here.