Ridacard - The more you travel, the more you save.

How much could you save?

Use our new RIDACARD calculator to find out.


A Ridacard gives you our best value for money travel whenever you need it.

For regular travellers, there’s no better option.

  • Our lowest prices for travel by tram and bus.
  • Unlimited travel on Lothian Buses day services*.
  • Unlimited travel on Edinburgh Trams.
  • Unlimited travel to Edinburgh Airport on Airlink and Skylink.
  • Unlimited travel on NightBus services.
  • Unlimited travel on East Coast Buses (zones A & B).
  • Unlimited travel on Lothian country services.
  • Flexible: you can pay by monthly Direct Debit or buy in advance when you need it
  • 1-week and 4-week top-ups can be purchased accross the city, from any PayPoint within our operating area
  • Discounted rate for Students** (with a valid matriculation card)

Ridacard prices (from 25th February 2018)

  Adult Student** Junior (5-15 years)
One week Advance Purchase 1 week
£16 £9
Four week Advance Purchase 4 week
£48 £29
Annual Advance Purchase Annual
£560 £324
Best value Direct Debit. Initial, one-off payment of £65, followed by regular monthly payments of:
  Direct Debit** Monthly
£42 £25

How do I buy a Ridacard?

  • Download, print and complete the application form below, or pick one up from one of our Travelshops. Direct Debit customers should also complete Form 2.
  • Pop into one of our Travelshops - Hanover Street, Waverley Bridge or Haymarket.
  • Choose your Ridacard - (e.g. advance purchase or Direct Debit). A card issue fee (currently £3) is payable when a card is first issued or subsequently replaced
  • Once you have a Ridacard, one week and four week “top-ups” can be purchased either from our Travelshops or from one of the 250 Agents within our operating area. Find your nearest PayPoint agent.

How do I use my Ridacard?

Board the bus and then follow these steps:

Hold your card against the reader with the photo clearly visible.

Green light plus "BEEP".
Expiry date displayed.

Remove card and take your seat.

* Valid on all Lothian Buses except Service 98 and Tours.
** Student Ridacards subject to eligibility requirements