Student Ridacards

In order to ensure that our Student Ridacard continues to offer the very best value for money, we need to make sure that Student Ridacards can be used only by those who are entitled to them.

Whenever a Student Ridacard is issued or purchased, we require that you show us a valid Photo-ID Student Matriculation, issued from one of the qualifying Universities or Colleges within our operating area.

The card is programmed to expire on or immediately after the same day as the expiry date of your student matriculation card and will not work on our buses afterwards. Continuing students should visit one of our Travelshops before this date, taking with them their new student matriculation card, so that we can issue you with a new Student Ridacard. For those who are no longer students, our Travelshop staff can swap your Student Ridacard for an Adult Ridacard.

For student matriculation cards which show only the academic year as the expiry date (i.e. “Academic Year 2016/2017”), we will set the Student Ridacard expiry date to the 30th November of the year in which that course finishes (so for the example above, 30th November 2017), giving you plenty of time to come into one of our Travelshops.

For student matriculation cards which show only the month in which the card expires (i.e. “December 2017”), we will set the Student Ridacard expiry date to the last day of that month (so for the example above, 31st December 2017). If your Student Ridacard is set to expire on or near 31 December, please remember that our Travelshops have special festive opening times.

For Direct Debit Student Ridacard holders, please note your Direct Debit will not automatically cancel once your Ridacard passes the matriculation expiry date. If you need to cancel a Direct Debit with us, pop into one of our Travelshops, or call 0131 348 7269 (Mon-Fri 0900-1730).

For secondary school pupils travelling with Student Ridacards, the expiry date will be set to the 30th of November in the year in which you leave school.

Whenever a Student Ridacard is first issued, your printed receipt will contain the details of what the “Matriculation Expiry” of that card has been set to. For Student Ridacards issued after February 2014, the matriculation expiry date is printed on the front of the card.

If you have a Student Ridacard and are unsure about its validity, please visit one of our Travelshops, taking with you both your Ridacard and your most recent student matriculation card - our team will be happy to help you.