Ridacard - The more you travel, the more you save.

How much could you save?

Use our new RIDACARD calculator to find out.

If you regularly travel on services 104 and 113, take a look at our Lothian Country Buses page for more ticketing options.

A Ridacard gives you our best value for money travel whenever you need it.

For regular travellers, there’s no better option.

  • Our lowest prices for travel by tram and bus
  • Unlimited travel on Lothian Buses day services*
  • Unlimited travel on Edinburgh Trams
  • Unlimited travel on AIRLINK 100
  • Unlimited travel on NightBus services
  • No need to search for loose change
  • Peace of mind that our secure smartcard technology allows replacement if lost
  • Flexible: you can pay by monthly Direct Debit or buy in advance when you need it
  • 1-week and 4-week top-ups can be purchased accross the city, from any PayPoint within our operating area
  • Discounted rate for Students** (with a valid matriculation card)

Ridacard prices

  Adult Student** Junior (5-15 years)
One week Advance Purchase 1 week
£15 £9
Four week Advance Purchase 4 week
£45 £29
9 month Eligible students only
only available to purchase until 31 October 2016
£390 -
Annual Advance Purchase Annual
£525 £324
Best value Direct Debit. Initial, one-off payment of £65, followed by regular monthly payments of:
  Direct Debit** Monthly
£40 £25

How do I buy a Ridacard?

  • Download, print and complete the application form below, or pick one up from one of our Travelshops. Direct Debit customers should also complete Form 2.
  • Pop into one of our Travelshops - Hanover Street, Waverley Bridge or Dalkeith.
  • Choose your Ridacard - (e.g. advance purchase or Direct Debit). A card issue fee (currently £3) is payable when a card is first issued or subsequently replaced
  • Once you have a Ridacard, one week and four week “top-ups” can be purchased either from our Travelshops or from one of the 250 Agents within our operating area. Find your nearest PayPoint agent.

How do I use my Ridacard?

Board the bus and then follow these steps:

Hold your card against the reader with the photo clearly visible.

Green light plus "BEEP".
Expiry date displayed.

Remove card and take your seat.

* Valid on all Lothian Buses except Service 98 and Tours.
** Student Ridacards subject to eligibility requirements