61 - Henderson Row - Canning Street

61 Service 61
Normal route

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Full Timetable — Valid from 23rd April 2017

Service 61
Weekday Timetable (valid from 24 April 2017)
Standard Life Canning Street 0800 0830 then 1700 1730
Hanover Street (at Thistle St) 0808 0838 every 1708 1738
Henderson Row at Perth St 0815 0845 30 1715 1745
Hanover Street (at Thistle St) 0818 0848 mins 1718 1748
Standard Life Canning Street 0825 0855 until 1725 1755
no Saturday or Sunday service.
Route: Canning Street, West Approach Road, Lothian Road, Princes Street, Frederick Street, George Street, Hanover Street, Queen Street Gardens East, Heriot Row, Howe Street, Circus Place, Kerr Street, Hamilton Place, Henderson Row, Dundas Street, Queen Street Gardens East, Hanover Street, Thistle Street, Frederick Street, Princes Street, Lothian Road, Rutland Street, Rutland Square, Canning Street.